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HW - Trigger HW - Trigger

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Truly awesome..

Keep up the good work :o


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Ludicrous Speed - F-777 Ludicrous Speed - F-777

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

needs more cowbell

And a bit more bass :D
But gj anyway bro and congrats on your top5 spot! :p


Kazmo - Unnamed [WIP] Kazmo - Unnamed [WIP]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Awesome stuff bro :D
Very promising.
Keep up the good work!



Kazmo responds:

Thanks broski, will do! :D

[Worms] [Worms]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

oh hi

Yo man, awesome dance track :D
I love the kick and the melody!

However there's one big issue, the mix!
If you manage to mix this song tighter, it'll be epic!

Here's what you can do:
-remove the reverb from the background, there's too much of it and it makes the mix muddy.
-remove the gated part of the kick, just take a kick sample that his a punch and a sub.
- equalize the instruments so you have a clean frequency balance, the leads should only fill the mids and high freq.'s, while the kick's sub and the bass should mainly fill the lower ends. Try not to make things interfere, so you'd have a clean and tight mix.
- the bass sounds a bit distorted at some points, lower its volume.

That's my advice :)
Keep up the good work, your a promising artist!

5/5 - 4.12 / 5.00 (+ 0.15)


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Kinosei responds:

Thanks for your support =]
But just, when the bass starts, I removed the ated part of the kick, it just appears in the beginning.
There's that reverb in the background to fill up a little more, and give it an ambience feeling. I'll take a look at that in the next song, pay attention to the reverbs, if it's not too much.
And yeah, the bass is distorted, but it's not because of the volume, also I put it a Limiter, so I could make it stronger but not loud. =]

Thanks for your tips, I'll pay attention to that next time.

Luxomni - Fresh Meat Luxomni - Fresh Meat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey ;)

Hey man, really awesome track you have there :)
I like the clean & tight mix, and the way this track flows!

Here's some things I'd change:

1:35, I recognize the crash sample :) Try layering multiple samples, and/or adding more effects to them to create a more unique and original crash sound.

3:07 I feel like there should be some kind of chorus here. The extra bass is a good start but I think there should be a bit more going on.

The overall song feels too repeatitive. I'd shorten it a bit (less long buildups, faster intro's & outro's). And add some more leads to make things more interesting :)

5/5 - 4.40 / 5.00 (+ 0.15)

Keep up the good work!! You're a very promising artist and definitely have alot of talent :)


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Luxomni responds:

Thank you, sir.

When A Tear Is Shed remix prev When A Tear Is Shed remix prev

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Hey man :D
Thanks for participating in our contest!

This track itself is awesome, but it doesn't beat the winning songs :)
Here's what I'd change about the song:

- The pad/bass thing playing in the intro part: do not sidechaine it to the kick. You could do that when there's a 4/4 beat but not to this dubstep drum pattern, it doesn't flow too well.

- Make this pad/bass thing in the intro fade in slower, make it a longer fade in.

- Chorus has an awesome bass :) But the drums need to be better. The kickdrum needs a bit more punch and sub, while the snare needs to stand out more and should be a bit more 'aggressive'. For the hats, try adding more, for diversity.

- The overall song is well variated for the instruments, good job on that! However, sounds li;ke it's the same chords playing pretty much all the time, so it would be better if you can add some variation part where you change the bassline/chords.

That's my advice :)
Mix is pretty clean & tight, and the song structure rocks, so keep up the good work!!

5/5 so ur score goes up :)


liberatingpulse responds:

Thanks so much for taking the time to review this! Those are great suggestion and the compliments made me feel good :3. About the instruments: I create all my synth sounds from scratch (I can't use presets because Karco said not to :P), so I was really glad to hear that you liked them. I'll definitely see what I can do about the drums. I'm working on doing lots of layering with that, but it seems I still have some work to do. . .

Again, thank you so much for the review. This kind of stuff is really helpful to my development as an artist.

Song of Storms Remix [mod15] Song of Storms Remix [mod15]

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Hey :) I love the melody,
I used to play the Zelda games alot when I was a kid ^^
About this remix, there's some room for improvement imo, here's some stuff you could work on:

-Song structure.
Try putting in a more interesting structure, atm you have no real flow or whatso ever, theres no real direction. Try introducing a real intro, an actual buildup, a climax, a chorus, a variation part, an outro, stuff like that.

-The mix
Is ok, theres no real frequency interference issues so good job on that. However you could bring out a bit more of the lower end of the bass instruments, in order to have a fatter track, it is after drum and BASS ur aiming for, right? Also, you should mix the

-The drums
Bad. The samples you used are too simple to make a decent DnB song. The pattern isnt really dnb'ish. Try finding better samples for the kickdrum, the snare and the hihats. If they're not good enough, layer them to get the best sounds. Let them stand out by adjusting your mix. DnB is all about focussing on the drums and the bass, so make sure these stand out well.

-The bass
Bad. There's barely a noticable bass instrument. Look up on youtube how u can make specific bass patterns and isntruments on youtube, e.g. a "reese". Also add a subbass for better results.

-The melody
Feels like a straight midi rip. A true remix would use the chords, but with a different melody. Try giving your own interpretation of the song, your view of it, it becomes much more interesting than when u simply use EVERY exact note of the original melody.

-The lead
Too simple. Try introducing some variation, use multiple leads (perhaps background arp's / pads). Don't use the same lead over the entire song.

I can't imagine this being the best of the week, no offence

I hope your not offended by this review but you use the stuff I suggested to improve your future songs. Goodluck!


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DJSpire responds:

Would you have felt better about the song had it been categorized as games rather than drum and bass?
Because it's not really about labeling genres so much as it is about listening to the song itself.

As for the drums, and the pattern not really being DnBish, just saying, go make a 3/4 time DnB pattern that works. 'Cause, the generic, all known DnB pattern, the Amen Break, is in 4/4. Which leads me to

The bass: As for a reese, I don't really want it. I don't want to be super-generic and sound like everybody else. I'm here to be creative, not to fall into the same near-sightedness that every other generic-sounding-music-producer in the world has. I don't want to have the same sounds, to be identical to the next guy over so far as what the song sounds like.

As for the melody: Not really a midi rip, though it is note accurate. Being a musician, I spent quite a bit of time listening for notes. I was actually derping around on a marimba at school, and figured out the key, mode, and the actual rhythm.

And, no offense, but when somebody says "no offense" it's because they know what they just said, or what they're about to say, will cause offense. And they know that what they just said, or what they're about to say, will make them seem like an asshole.

And I'm not offended by the review itself, only by the feeling I got that it was trying to put me into the same, generic mould. As in: "This is what this genre of music sounds like, there is no experimentation."

Antiskill- Crepuscular Antiskill- Crepuscular

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Excellent song man, great flow and an awesome feeling :)
Your mix is tight! And props on the structure man :)

Some small points to improve on:
- Give the clap a little more high frequencies, it sounds a bit muffled the moment
- The basspattern could get a bit more interesting if you use something else than the default offbeat bass, it could give the track more character :D

Keep up the good work ;)

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YakovlevArt responds:

Ok, yeah I see what you mean about the clap and bassline.
Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure to remember them going into future tracks =]

xKore - Die Bitch! xKore - Die Bitch!

Rated 5 / 5 stars



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Before Mydnite 3 - F-777 Before Mydnite 3 - F-777

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i dont get it either

I think some people forget the meaning of the word "REVIEW". :)

K, now here are some pointers that might actually be helpful! :O

-Overall structure:
Good, but perhaps a bit too long.
I feel like this song would be more powerful if you didn't use the same elements (which are great btw) for so long, its repeating a tad too much.
A solution would be to shorten the structure.

-The bass:
Excellent already :D
If I were you, I'd add some glitch and stutter at some parts for even more awesomeness. Perhaps a pattern that's a bit more sophisticated then the sidechained bass u have now :)
Also, a wobble now and then might be epic!

-Mix is tight :)

Keep it up matey! 5*

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F-777 responds:

Agreed 100%.

Stutters and glitches?! You mean like epic Kr1z style?!
...i gotta do that.

Perhaps ill make a Before Mydnite 3.5 hahahaha.
Thanks bro!