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2010-11-01 05:08:38 by Kr1z

F-777 and I have put together a collaberation album, titled "ReMotion 2010"!
You can find it here:
- VibeDeck (NEW!!) <====
- iTunes
- Bandcamp (along with 2 extra bonus songs!!)
- A demo compilation on Newgrounds!

Let me know what you guys think!
We hope you enjoy!



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2010-11-04 15:52:17

Wow, that;s some excellent album art. NOW IF ONLY IT WAS ON VINYL!!
Or CD at the very least...anyway, I think I'll be grabbin' that sometime soon
since you fools two of my favorite artists on here, album with both of ya
oughta be quite the experience.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the support :D

Agreed on vinyl/CD being awesomes :(


2010-11-18 14:55:00

Well, too many people are leaving comments on Jesse's page... WHERE'S YOUR HALF!

With the few previews of y'alls work that Jesse has given me, I can already tell that this album is awesome. Just trying to cough up the money to get it... NEED MOAR MONEY!

Kr1z responds:

Aha a commenter :D

Thanks for the support!!


2010-11-26 16:25:57

Awesome. Just in time for my new sound system and iPod.

Kr1z responds:

yay thanks :D


2010-12-15 15:18:23

Congratulations on your album!
I hope it will sell well!
The album art looks good and I just listened to the previeuws.
I never bought anything on I-tunes, but since I know you (and also because the songs are great) I'll buy the album.

If you're making a new album, let me know.
I'd like to do the artwork for it if you want to :P)

Kr1z responds:

Alrite thanks so much Antony :D

We're planning a second ReMotion album :)
We'll let you know!!



2010-12-30 18:05:10

Well, now that I have it, I am forced to comment.

This is one of the best albums I have had the fortune to have. It's awesome. There are invigorating tracks, relaxing track, beautiful tracks... It's a wide range of variance between the two of you musicians, and I just feel like I've been gifted to be able to listen to this work of sheer genius. Thanks for the time you spent on this; it was well worth it. Now, I wanna go cry, so I'll end it here. Keep it up!


Kr1z responds:

Oh thanks so much :D
We've put tons of effort and time in it, glad you like it ^^

Stay tuned for ReMotion Vol. 2 !


2011-01-05 22:32:13

Just bought it the other day, gotta say, you guys did some amazing work. the only track I don't really care for is Jesse's ReMiX of Before Mydnite, it wasn't really identifiable as being based off the original in my opinion, still don't get me wrong it was a well made song, but maybe a different name for it? I especially liked Brightness and Endless energy.

Keep up the great up the great work, can't wait for volume 2!


Kr1z responds:

Hey, thanks for the support ^^

Volume 2 is in progress :D
More news later!


2011-01-09 05:50:44

Great ablum ! This is my favourite music style but i find it very obsure :( but great music

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the support bro :D


2011-01-19 15:03:36

Greatest album ever!

Seriously if you havent bought it already you totally should! ; )

Kr1z responds:

So glad you're back :)
Thanks for teh support!!


2011-01-20 11:01:02

Hé, een Belg, cool.
Sorry for the useless comment, I love the album, though :D

Kr1z responds:

Hallo :)
Bedankt voor de comment :D


2011-02-13 23:27:20

So, two things:
1. The album is pretty awesome.
2. Every time I feel depressed, listening to Fluctuations 2 immediately makes me happy again.

Thanks for all your wonderful music :-)

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the support dude!!!


2011-03-18 22:29:22

Hi Kr1z!

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your support on my thread, just in case you haven't seen my response on my page.

Thank you! And best of luck on the album, I'll buy a copy this weekend it looks and sounds awesome man! I might release one myself pretty soon, only problem is I don't know how to get my self on iTunes, so I'll probably need your help on that XD

But anyway... keep on going mate!

Kr1z responds:

Hey dude :) Glad you like the album :D
To get on iTunes, you have to pay about 60$, easiest way imo is via the site :)
A very good alternative (much cheaper but VERY decent) is, which is free to sign up, and has a plain awesome service towards artists :D go check it out :)


2011-03-21 00:59:32


Tnx a lot for the info man!

Take care :)


2011-04-13 16:51:25

thanks for your music man ive been a fan for a few years! i hope your enjoying life dude. hit me up some time.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the support man :D


2011-06-19 17:55:41

I just bought the albun and it is just GREAT! Keep up the awesome work, I cant wait for more!

Kr1z responds:

Thanks dude :D We're working on Volume 2!!