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NG Album @ iTunes !!

2009-02-21 11:07:53 by Kr1z

BTW check dis song yo

BTW, is my Youtube account.

===Buy it on iTunes!===
===BUY IT !! xD===
===BUY IT !! xD===

Some of the best artist from NG have compiled an album, named Synthetica.
It contains 16 brandnew supertracks, that aren't on NG! A must have for every AP fan!
Hear the DEMO here!

0.99$ / Song
9.99$ / Album (16 songs)

TRACKS: Mainly trance & dance.
1. Miles Away - Mrmilkcarton
2. Crystalline - Solus Lotus
3. A Moonless Blue (Feat Lira Yin) - Nal1200
4. Paroxysm - Ruqal
5. Andas - EnV
6. Keys of a Piano - Smurfbeats
7. Dj Splatta - Happiness (BeatSource Remix) - BeatSource
8. Adrenaline - RenoakRythm
9. Say I Am You - Synthetic Music Apparatus
10. Morning Light (OM) - Kr1z
11. Destiny (Feat. Elaine Sharp) - Helix
12. Saying Goodbye - Jesse Valentine (F-777)
13. Audio Hallucination - Danred
14. Estrayed - Astrix
15. Unending Tribulation - Zenon
16. Iceferno - Redmoon Deejay

===Buy it on iTunes!===
===BUY IT !! xD===
===BUY IT !! xD===
===BUY IT !! xD===
===BUY IT !! xD===

NG Album @ iTunes !!


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2009-02-21 11:58:20

newgrounds artists having an album on iTunes is very very cool, but even so, I do feel like it would be silly to market the album to other newgrounds users, because we realize that we can download these user-made songs for free at anytime. I'm not saying this is bad though, in fact it's great publicity for the site! iTunes users will see this, like it, and want more, thus coming to newgrounds! and that's good! As good as the cover is, it would also be cool to involve the newgrounds logo. I think as a whole newgrounds audio portal albums on iTunes is a great idea, and should happen more. I wouldn't expect them to net much money though, as the point would be to advertise the site, I think. I'm sure Tom would be cool with you guys using the logo if you ask him.

(Updated ) Kr1z responds:

The songs on the album are not on NG..
The NG logo is a cool idea.
We're only known here on NG so this is the only market we have atm xD
Thanks for the comment!


2009-02-21 12:12:42

Enjoy having lots of artist sueing you for making money from their songs.

Unless you got their permission, which I don't know why they'd say yes.

(Updated ) Kr1z responds:

? Me and 15 others COMPILED a CD.
The revenue is split between all 16 of us.


2009-02-21 12:34:49

Cool stuff, there isnt enough collaboration in the ap portal scene, this might be a motivating venture

Kr1z responds:



2009-02-21 15:09:36

lol. People are silly... and actually Luis, there's a ton of collaborating going on in the AP... but uhhh... no one pays any attention to it.

Kr1z responds:



2009-02-21 15:25:29

Hey! Nice idea and I agree with NGuard, include the NG logo somewhere. Like in the middle include a NG tank made of swirling blue mist. Anyway, I <3 the idea, in fact, I might actually buy it. My only regret is that paragon and waterflame aren't part of the collab.

Kr1z responds:

I'm glad you like the idea! Thanks!


2009-02-22 02:41:47

just purchased :)

Kr1z responds:

Awsum!!! Thanks so much!


2009-02-24 12:15:12

Hey just saying that i purchased the album, going to all the artists involved and leaving a comment. Anyway nice job, im really liking it. Your song is on my top 10 favorites list. But yah nice job, its totally worth the money.

Kr1z responds:

Wicked! Glad you liked it!


2009-02-28 11:13:02

your music is horrifyingly bad

Kr1z responds:

your taste is complete crap


2009-03-03 13:52:21

Congrats dude!
I just heard the different songs on synthetica EP DEMO!

PS: sorry I haven't had a lot of time to comment your songs :(


2009-03-08 15:16:32

You really want us to buy it, don't you? If only I had the money.

Kr1z responds:

Hahah :D


2009-04-05 01:02:17

And nobody wanted me to make a song of my own for this album?
I'm not happy.

Kr1z responds: