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ALBUM! :O :P x-D

2009-01-28 17:38:19 by Kr1z

======BUY !!=======

~~>SYNTHETICA EP ALBUM!<~~ //important news!!

Official NG-Profile
Me and some VERY talented audio artists (F-777, Envy, Mrmilkcarton, nal1200, Beatsource, Zenon, ....)
made an ALBUM !! It contains 16 top notch quality tracks (Trance, Dance & More!).
Album title is SYNTHETICA.

On Shockhound
On Lala
On iTunes!! (.. soon!)

1. Miles Away - Mrmilkcarton
2. Crystalline - Solus Lotus
3. A Moonless Blue (Feat Lira Yin) - Nal1200
4. Paroxysm - Ruqal
5. Andas - EnV
6. Keys of a Piano - Smurfbeats
7. Dj Splatta - Happiness (BeatSource Remix) - BeatSource
8. Adrenaline - RenoakRythm
9. Say I Am You - Synthetic Music Apparatus
10. Morning Light (OM) - Kr1z
11. Destiny (Feat. Elaine Sharp) - Helix
12. Saying Goodbye - Jesse Valentine (F-777)
13. Audio Hallucination - Danred
14. Estrayed - Astrix
15. Unending Tribulation - Zenon
16. Iceferno - Redmoon Deejay

0.99$ / song
9.99$ / album (containing 16 songs! profit!!)

======BUY !!=======

-New song!! New style :D
Pretty cool dance house electro style imo, let me know what you think!

-Something weird happened to my myspace....

ALBUM! :O :P x-D


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2009-01-28 17:47:00

Hmmm.... now THATS weird. Well anyway, I listened to your new song. Fantastic as usual. You need to get noticed more... Ill try to feature your music on my next game. The game will have 200,000 views PLUs so hey hey hey baybay.

Kr1z responds:

Fantastic? =D Thanks man :D I've been gone for 2 months, but now I'm back ..
I'd LOVE to be in your next game, pleeass ^^


2009-01-28 18:05:11

Perhaps a myspace-whore put it on his profile.

Kr1z responds:

i think its a glitch :(


2009-01-28 18:06:27

lol, Boten Anna.. Basshunter is so overrated :P

Kr1z responds:

Eum yeh well I liked the tune so I made a remix.. =P


2009-01-28 18:25:55

another thing like that happened to one of the audio portal songs.

saturday morning funk
245 votes
3,345 listens

9 times more downloads than listens.

i checked back again, and it was way way lower.

just checked back today, and its at it again! does every person who listens to it download it 9 times or something?

Kr1z responds:

lolol perhaps he made a script that downloads his own song :S


2009-01-28 18:45:07

to the guy above^,

if the song was posted prior to July 07, the AP counted downloads only then, not listens.

Kr1z responds:

True :)


2009-01-28 18:45:58

Lol I wouldn't say anything, just leave it :]

Kr1z responds:

yaah its cool xD


2009-01-28 18:47:51

Total plays are still at 7k, so it's a glitch.

Kr1z responds:

Yep :(


2009-01-28 18:57:29

nope it was in october 2008

Kr1z responds:

Then the artist himself probably made a script that downloads his own song 10000 times


2009-01-28 19:59:23

I had something similar happen when my old band's page was still tended to. Overnight, we somehow ended up with 2.6 million plays...only to drop back down to a couple hundred later that week.

Kr1z responds:

ooh :)


2009-01-28 21:33:26

I used to hate basshunter. Then one day I was really depressed and accidentally stumbled upon DotA. I couldn't help but laugh. It was too damn cheer full.

Fucking kids and your angry rock music :/


2009-01-29 01:38:05 e

Somehow his song is on your playlist lol? The plays are the same on his page.

Kr1z responds:

wtf... ITS HIS SONG?? ur right :s:s i want my song back -_-


2009-01-29 01:53:23

I know what happened lol.

Kr1z responds:

tell me xD


2009-01-29 02:23:22

Yes basshunter's song is on your profile somehow haha.

Kr1z responds:



2009-01-29 03:36:21

Oh, wow

Kr1z responds:

weird eh.. =S


2009-01-29 04:06:30

everyone on irc has to listen to boten anna at least once a week because of some ding bat goes nuts. and not in the platers sort of way.

Kr1z responds:



2009-01-29 10:49:59

i didn├Ąt know Basshunter is THAT good... :D


2009-02-04 08:52:01

congrats on your top5 mate, and your double top30 :p
and your lvl up to lvl 9 ^^


2009-02-04 20:42:16

LOL Wtf, but the sad thing is that song came out in 2006 and people only found out about it this year.


2009-02-08 10:06:15

u really love boten anna eh?

Kr1z responds:

eum kinda ..